As of 3/16/2020, The Battlegrounds will be closed to the public for a period of two weeks. Please refer to the video for a statement from the owner.

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As The Battlegrounds continues to grow, and new players come into the sport, we sometimes need to make changes to preserve the welcoming nature of Airsoft in order for our community as a whole to continue to expand. With this being mentioned, we have decided to restrict the use of certain systems that can achieve a high rate of fire and are commonly abused to overshoot while playing here.

The restriction will be for Open Play sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We will continue to allow use of these systems on Wednesday nights as it is designed for more experienced players with a relaxed rule set.

Systems to be restricted: 

  • HPA drop ins(High Pressure Air) 
  • HPA tapped guns 
  • Binary triggers 
  • AA12 shotguns

Mask Safety

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