8th Avenue Armory

What is 8th Avenue Armory? This is our retail store located right here on premises for The Battlegrounds! When we expanded the arenas, the boss wanted to be sure and have everything a customer would need to play airsoft and especially at The BG. That’s how we came up with 8thAA full retail store. For that new player, experienced player looking to upgrade, or that one item you forgot!

While it isn’t a huge location with every single replica on the market, we put quality and price first and foremost in our retail store. We have everything from pump shotguns for $30 and pistols for as low as $60 up to replica rifles ranging in price for rifles from $100 to $500. We also carry a very nice selection of vests, plate carriers, gloves, schmogs, protective vests, flashlights, foregrips, bb’s, green gas, Co2, and other accessories.

While we know people can get things online or even at some big box stores we focused on quality at fair prices. The armory is just like The BG, family owned and operated with the customer in mind first! With all purchases of replica’s (guns) you receive a 3hr open play session for the arenas for FREE! We also guarantee your replicas will shoot within our limits so there is no worries about buying something online that you won’t be able to use right here at our 2 arenas. On top of that there is of course no freight cost or hidden fees added on.

While everyone says they are about the customer, we prove it! With over 40 years experience in different types of retail and over 15 years in the airsoft world we have a particular flavor of customer service that we feel can’t be matched. We are not here to sell you just the coolest new items, but to help you find what you NEED. With that and the fact that we can only fit so much into the store, we do offer custom ordering for any products our manufacturers carry.

Pro tip for 8thAA, don’t be afraid to ask. There are NO stupid questions and our staff is here to help!

Since prior to opening The BG facility the owner had no real knowledge of the industry he understands the new players and parents alike being concerned about the quality of their purchase. He has made sure to surround himself with a very knowledgeable staff and management to take care of his customers like no one else can! On top of that, being a parent the boss understands that he wants to be sure to get the best value for his dollar with safety first on the list next to quality, durability, and longevity of the products we sell. We won’t just sell you something to sell you something. We want to be sure every customer that comes through the door is getting what they really need along with what they want.

We have painstakingly worked through our list of suppliers to keep it to just the best for our customers. If we don’t have it, you probably don’t want it!