Pro Shop

What is the Pro shop? Since the reopening of the Battlegrounds, we have transformed the original 8th Ave Armory into a more compact store that offers all necessities that an airsoft player may need. If you are new to airsoft and want to begin your barrage of weaponry, we are the best place to start or help resupply the more experienced player. 

The selection we have to offer is not the largest, but we will be sure to have all items in stock like various sizes and brands of bbs and your classic yet effective M4 Airsoft Rifle and Pistols. We are still offering one of the best packages in airsoft for all players that include an M4, helmet, carrying case, bbs, battery, and much more! You can also come out and shop for any accessories that you may need like gloves, helmets, vests, neck wraps, schmogs, green gas, Co2 and tons more. 

We want to apologize to those who have been our loyal customers before and used our shop for all their airsoft needs. With times changing we had to adjust our Pro Shop to accommodate the needs of both you and our employees. Our employees are not experts but are learning more information everyday to help accommodate your questions or concerns about airsoft. We hope that you will still take a look next time you stop by BG to add something to your arsenal.