The Factory Building

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The building owner purchased The Factory Building at the beginning of summer 2014 and has been working night and day to get it on the path to a new beginning. The first priority was to get the building safe, secure and weather tight. With step one accomplished, the team went to work getting The Battlegrounds field and facility up and running. Thanks to the long hours and dedication of his team, they hauled off over 40,000 pounds of debris and junk that had been stored in the building for decades. Between a master carpenter, an electrician, a block mason, and a team of extremely dedicated employees they were able to pull off what most thought was an impossible task. The Factory Building façade needs a bit of work but once we are open you will see constant updates and upgrades being made to the building both inside and out. Some will be noticeable and others will be behind the scenes.

The owner believes in restoring buildings that have solid structure instead of tearing them down and losing their rich history and The Factory Building was a perfect candidate after years of neglect. He hopes to bring life back to what once was a landmark building on the 8th Ave corridor and the process is well underway with plans to add an Intellectual Hobby Shop on the second floor mezzanine and two cafes on the first floor. The transformation will be complete with a fresh paint job, window repairs, and a new parking lot and fence.


The BATTLEGROUNDS facility is truly one of a kind.  It incorporates more than just Airsoft. We have expanded our facility to accommodate Airsoft, NERF, Gotcha Guns, and Slingshots. The owner wanted to incorporate several different activities in one facility.The BATTLEGROUNDS offers private parties such as birthday parties, corporate holiday parties, team building events and more for any of the above activities. Call today, email, or book online under the Book a Party tab!!


The owner was looking for a place to bring his own two children after school or on the weekends where they could have fun and be active together in a safe environment.  While there are other facilities that provide some of these activities, none of them are a one-stop-shop for fun.  The owner envisioned a place that he could go with his children regularly that would provide exercise, fun, and excitement all while teaching them teamwork, honor, and strategy.  That’s when the concept of “The BATTLEGROUNDS” was born.


The field design is very unique for the Airsoft Industry. Many Airsoft fields are simply plywood mazes or structures with a military theme, but the owner decided to take a completely different approach for The BATTLEGROUNDS.  He wanted to design a field that was both challenging and realistic, while also utilizing the building’s square footage to its maximum potential. With that thought in mind, a post-invasion neighborhood theme was developed, including a police station, bank, grocery store, tire shop, sub shop, junk yard, town homes, and even carnival concession stands.  Painted roads, real used vehicles, and other real life accessories complete the theme.  Repurposed materials and items were used wherever possible to bring the very realistic post-invasion “battleground” look to life.

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