Airsoft Ages 9 and Up

Airsoft!!!! What is airsoft and why would I want to try it? What is the point of airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns. Airsoft is commonly compared to paintball, with some key differences being:

  • Unlike paintballs, airsoft pellets do not mark their target and hits are not always visibly apparent. airsoft pellets may leave red marks or “welts” to their target however rare that might be. The airsoft relies on an honor system in which it is the ethical duty of the person who has been hit to call themselves out regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen.
  • Most airsoft guns are magazine-fed with some, especially pistols, having co2 canisters, and tend to much more closely replicate real guns. This makes them more popular especially for military simulation and historical reenactments.
  • For casual players airsoft is much cheaper to try than paintball, with manual-cocking pistols costing as little as $5 a piece and airsoft pellets costing as little as a twentieth of a cent per round.

Game play varies in style and composition but often range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, C.Q.B. (Close Quarters Battle), field, military simulations (MilSim) or historical reenactments. They are played in some indoor courses, and outdoor (fields). Combat situations on the battlefield may involve the use of military tactics to achieve objectives set in each game. Participants may attempt to emulate the tactical equipment and accessories used by modern military and police organizations. A game is normally kept safe by a trained professional and the weapons are usually powered by gas or various types of batteries. A gun’s power is checked through a chronograph and usually measured in feet per second. Different game sites allow a different amount of FPS but different countries also have a set FPS and a gun shooting over the required FPS can be confiscated or not allowed to be used on Airsoft sites; for instance, a sniper would usually have a higher FPS than a sub machine gun, since a sniper needs a minimum engagement range to reduce the danger from being hit at close range by a powerful weapon.

Come on down and check out what airsoft is all about at The Battlegrounds! Airsoft is a lot like paintball only better in many ways. No mess, a lot less pain, and we are able to detail out the arenas with more props etc to give you that realistic feel.

What airsoft is to The BG is a social fun thing. It isn’t just about the concept of “shooting” each other. It is more like a game of tag with plastic bb’s with a bunch of friends or people you don’t even know. Airsoft is a great game to get kids and even yourself off the couch. We aren’t about who has the coolest gear or the best gun. Sure that is awesome if someone wants to dress up like a Navy Seal or just show up in a pair of jeans and a hoodie. We have people that dress up like Banana’s, Moose, characters from movies, etc. We love it when people just let loose and come to have fun. We treat everyone the same regardless of what you do or don’t have. We even try to separate groups by age, play style, experience, and intensity. We work on a multiple group process that allows for ALL types of players from the casual player, dad and son (or mom and daughter) to players that have all the toys. One thing that makes us different than pretty much every airsoft place out there is our “bang bang” rule. This is a “courtesy” at most all other places. For us it is a rule. You are not allowed to shoot within 7′ of each other. Technically the velocity of the BB is not much less at that distance, but mentally it allows for a comfort zone. We have found it to be a great way to give new players a way to try it out without going full blown. It allows kids, dads, moms, and friends to have a good time without the concern of walking in to a war zone. The story in the “about” section of the website is true to its word and has been part of the mission statement of The Battlegrounds from its conception 2.5 years ago. We have introduced our type of airsoft to over 20,000 since we opened and have a great percentage of repeat customers.

The Battlegrounds

We are a place for EVERYONE. We do not discriminate for any reason. We have 9 year olds that play here. We have dads, grandpas, etc playing here. We have people with prosthetic legs or even in wheelchairs that play. If someone wants to play, our management and staff will do anything possible to make it happen. It doesn’t matter if you are 9 or 50’s, you can play airsoft at The Battlegrounds. Here is the part that we are the most proud of. We are a place where people can be anything they want to be. We honestly don’t care what you have or don’t have. We don’t care if you want to dress up as a Banana and play airsoft. We are more than cool with it as long as it is appropriate of course (we are a family entertainment facility).

New Players

This is what The Battlegrounds is well known for. We offer an environment that is friendly for everyone. We want that new player. That first time player that wants to dip their toes in or just try it once to say they did it. We are cool with anyone that comes through the door and wants to have fun in a safe and controlled environment. We absolutely love when a parent shows up with their kid(s) to try it out for the first time. Or a couple of friends show up to try something new. Don’t have anyone to come down with, it is completely ok we will pair you up with a group that suits your play style or experience. We understand it isn’t for everyone, but our success rate for new players playing more than once is extremely high. It is one of those things in life where you can say “what the heck, I’ll try it”. For all players we offer rental packages that give them a bit of extra protection as well. With the rental package you get a mask, the gun and bb’s for each game, and a protective vest that you can’t feel anything through so it protects the core of your body.

Intermediate Players

People who have played before, but are more of a casual player. They have tried it before and weren’t sure if they liked it. Could be the place they played wasn’t geared to their style or maybe even had a rough experience and want to try it again. This is where we typically shine! We offer an environment that suits everyone’s needs.

Experienced Players

These are people who have all the toys, gadgets, gear, guns, grenades, etc etc etc… They like to play hard and go full on into a game. We have a group for that almost every day on the weekends. We also have a special night for this on Wednesdays that is 16 and up. For this we relax our rules a bit in regards to the “bang bang” rule in particular. We take it back to being a courtesy. With that we do expect everyone to follow the rest of our rules. We do not put up with unnecessary overshooting, yelling, shrugging off hits and not calling them. Airsoft is a game of honor and if you don’t plan on playing fair we are cool with you not coming to our facility. No harm, no foul.