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Nerf Ages 5 and Up 

 Come on down and check out our Nerf arenas at The Battlegrounds! We have had so many people enjoy the Nerf parties on the big arenas we decided to make 2, dedicated Nerf arenas! Of course, in true BG style, we had to come up with a theme. A Town? Done already on the 3rd floor. A warehouse? Done already on the second floor. So what to do, what to do…. Then it hit us!!! A Castle and a Wild West theme! 

At The Battlegrounds, Nerf reaches another level with TWO different arenas to choose from!

Castle: Who will rule these lands? Who will defeat the fire-breathing dragon? Castle takes on a medieval theme with small homes, stands, and a prominent 2-story castle and fun for the entire family. The arena also features an observation deck for non-participants to watch the action up close!

Wild West: Howdy partner! Mosey on down to the wildest place for Nerf fun in Western Pennsylvania at The Battlegrounds. This arena houses several Wild West themed buildings including a saloon, bank, jail-cell, and several shops. All of the action stays here as your party saddles up for hours of fun!

Make sure to call us today and book your party or group! The package includes the use of our guns (you are welcome to bring your own as well), our darts (even with your own guns we supply all darts), a ref (concierge) assigned to your group, and a separate table reserved for your party in our staging area. You are welcome to bring cake, snacks, drinks, etc. We are also partnered with Shorty’s Pizza, a local pizza shop that offers pizza packages exclusively for The Battlegrounds. Be sure to add one to your party during your online booking or ask when you call!


Nerf is by reservation only, so please make sure to call ahead/book online for your time slot.


Please make sure that everyone that is attending the party has their parents (or if over 18 for themselves) fill out our online waiver right here on our web site. It takes 2 minutes and is good for 1 year.