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Nerf Ages 5 and Up



Come on down and check out our latest arena down here at The Battlegrounds! We have had so many people enjoy the Nerf parties on the big arenas we decided to make a 100% Nerf all the time arena! And of course in true BG style, we had to come up with a theme. Town? Done already on the 3rd floor. Inside of a business? Done already on the second floor. So what to do, what to do…. Then it hit us!!! A castle! Who wouldn’t want to play Nerf in a castle? So we started the design with two professional carpenters and a crazy idea. That is how the Nerf room concept came to life.



We have a two story mid evil castle with duel staircases for multiple ways in and out. The castle also has secret passage ways on the first floor for the kids to sneak around and have more intense battles. We also went a step further with padded detailed flooring inside the castle and on the second floor. The second floor allows the kids and adults to be able to defend against the villagers just like a real castle. The village includes four small homes that everyone can run in and out of and use the windows to pop up for a quick attack on the castle. The area in front of the castle is also covered with long grass turf for a more realistic feel.


Everyone has been having a blast during testing and now that it is complete we are really excited for the memories that will be created from birthday parties, family parties, and even parties for no reason. Just a group of friends getting together to have the ultimate Nerf battle @ The Battlegrounds!


This allows us to achieve part of our company goal. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy The Battlegrounds for what it is! A place where a kid can be whatever he/she wants to be. A place where adults can be kids and everyone can have a blast together! Now our customers can start playing battles as young as 5 years old in our awesome new full time Nerf arena!


 Make sure to call today to book your party or group! The package includes the use of our guns (you are welcome to bring your own as well), our darts (even with your own guns we supply all darts), a ref (concierge) assigned to your group, a separate table reserved for your party in our staging area. You are welcome to bring cake, snacks, drinks, etc. We also have a great relationship with Shorty’s pizza, a local pizza shop who has offered pizza packages exclusively for The Battlegrounds. Be sure to add one to your party during your online booking or ask when you call!

Nerf is by reservation only so please make sure to call ahead/book online for your time slot.



Please make sure that everyone that is attending the party has their parents (or if over 18 for themselves) fill out our online waiver right here on our web site. It takes 2 minutes and is good for 1 year.