Facility Rules

No drugs or alcohol are permitted on our premise, if you are inebriated upon arrival or under the influence of a controlled substance you will be asked to leave and refunds will not be given.

(This includes smelling like marijuana or alcohol. We are a family friendly facility with a zero tolerance policy)

We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying within our facility

No smoking or vaping in the facility

Orange tips are not required at our facility

Customers MUST have their replicas in a gun case, gun bag, box, or a minimum of covered to not be recognizable as a replica (gun) when entering and leaving our facility.

Please keep in mind that we have dozens of cameras around the facility and have lockers for rent if you have a lock, but we don’t recommend anyone leave their cell phones, wallets, or other expensive items laying around that can be broken or otherwise lost. Customers are responsible for their own items.

Foul language will not be tolerated, we are a family friendly facility

No large food items from outside The Battlegrounds. No 2 or 3 liter bottles of drinks or large bags of snacks. If we don’t sell a particular brand of drink or chips/snacks you are welcome to bring some with you within reason. We have a great business relationship with several of the fast food and pizza delivery companies in the area for food.

You must pay and have your wristband prior to chrono and safety briefing.

Arena Rules

Notice New Rules


As The Battlegrounds continues to grow, and new players come into the sport, we sometimes need to make changes to preserve the welcoming nature of Airsoft in order for our community as a whole to continue to expand. With this being mentioned, we have decided to restrict the use of certain systems that can achieve a high rate of fire and are commonly abused to overshoot while playing here.

The restriction will be for Open Play sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We will continue to allow use of these systems on Wednesday nights as it is designed for more experienced players with a relaxed rule set.

Systems to be restricted: 

  • HPA drop ins(High Pressure Air)
  • HPA tapped guns
  • Binary triggers
  • AA12 shotguns

Chrono of Replica (gun) qualification: All AEG/Co2/Green Gas guns are chronographed with .20 bb’s at 365 fps. HPA is at or below 1 Joule with same hop off setting and BB weight. Tanks for HPA will be zip tied or tournament locked after chrono . Green gas and Co2 guns are filled at chrono and the hop is turned off for chrono. For clarification if not experienced with this, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Barrel Covers are an absolute must for any and all guns in the facility. Once it leaves your bag or is in the building if not covered it must have a barrel cover on. Socks, gloves, and other creative ideas will not be accepted. This is both an insurance requirement and simple safety that must be adhered to. We have barrel covers for sale here at the facility. Pistols must be holstered with the magazine out.

No magazines in guns prior to entering the arena. This includes staging, rental area, and briefing. No mags until you enter the arena. On the second floor, there is NO firing of replica until the door to the arena is closed.

Mask: Wear your mask at all times on the arena floor. If you lift your mask, the ref will call a cease fire immediately and you will be asked to sit out the rest of the game in the staging area. After 3 offenses you will be asked not to play.

  • Masks must be approved by management.
  • Ski goggles are not allowed. Goggles must be designed for airsoft or paintball
  • Hard or mesh lowers are required and must cover the complete mouth at a minimum over 18. Under 18 it must cover the entire lower face.

Bang Bang Rule

  • Within 7 feet of an opposing player (body to body )you are not allowed to fire. Simply yell “bang bang”. If you and the opposing player are facing each other and both have operational guns pointing at each other ready to fire, it is a parley, and you both must respawn
  • With the exception of Wednesday night’s or if you are in the “experienced group” the bang bang rule is just that, a rule. On those other occasions it is still a courtesy and players are expected to play with integrity and use it accordingly
  • If you violate this rule the first thing to do is apologize. If deemed not an accident, a player can be asked to leave the facility for abuse of this rule.

Referees are always present during a game. The refs decision is final during that game. If there is a question for the ref or management on a particular call, please wait until after the match for it to be explained more thoroughly to not delay the game for the other patrons. IF an issue arising on the arena floor, please go to a referee immediately and allow them to handle any situation that may occur.
After our refs signal the end of the game, remove your magazine, fire at the ground to remove the bb from the chamber, and put your replica on safety before exiting the field. This is a must. Our rental people are not in gear and neither are the other players. If a BB is accidently fired off the arena floor it is very dangerous.
NO FIRING while in spawn prior to start or after the end of the game. If you need to test fire your replica or clear the chamber after removing your magazine at the end, please find somewhere outside of the spawn area where there are no other players to test fire.
No climbing or jumping over obstacles on the arena. No going through windows
Dead men don’t talk. Do not alert your teammates to enemy positions after you are out
No climbing in, on, or under the cars on the arena. Do not open car doors or close open doors (if doors are open, do not go in the car). These are changed up from time to time to alter the arena.
If you want to run a speaker on your gear to listen to music, it must be non offensive music and kept at a sound level that doesn’t bother other players.
No food or drink on the arena floors (hydration packs exempt).
No pocket knives or any other type of real knife is allowed on the arena floors. Pocket knives are allowed on someone’s person in the facility. NO GRAVITY KNIVES (I.e. butterfly knives or switch blades)
NO MOVING ITEMS on the arena floors. Items are placed where they are for a reason whether to interrupt gameplay or as cover they are there for a reason.
NO BLIND FIRING: You must be able to see down your sights and have part of your body exposed to do so.
Call your hits! Airsoft is a game of honor and not calling your hits when shot is cheating. You must have honor to play this game. If you don’t have honor, don’t bother playing.
Ricochets do NOT count as a hit unless from a 203 grenade or tornado grenade.
Semi auto only and “NO SPAMMING” or “WALKING” the trigger. This is no different than full auto from a rate of fire (number of bb’s shot per second) standpoint.. We are accepting of a grouping of 3 shots in semi auto. Spamming the trigger is no different than running full auto and will not be tolerated.
If you are close enough to touch another player for a melee kill, simply tap them on the shoulder and they are out. If using a fake knife, sword, or other items you will lightly slash or tap them. No jabbing them or poking them . Also, NO throwing of melee weapons.

No thunderbee’s or other flash bang type grenades allowed (except Wednesday nights on second floor only) that make a bang noise.

ABSOLUTLEY NO sale or trading of guns/gear etc by patrons under the age of 18 without both a parents approval and approval from management. Our management has a great knowledge of the value on used guns/gear and we want to be sure it is not a bad deal for all involved. It is not legal for players under the age of 18 to sell airsoft replicas without a parent.
Dummy grenades, tornados and 203 launchers are allowed.

  • For dummy grenades loudly count 3, 2, 1, then roll the grenade into the room. Any players within 10 feet of the grenade, in the same room, and not behind cover are out.
  • For 203 grenades you are not allowed to bank them off the windows into a room.
  • Ricochets do count on tornados and 203 grenade rounds.

The number 1 rule at The Battlegrounds after safety is to have fun! So go have FUN!